ORGASMIC MEDITATION: A New Massage in Kampala

Massage in Kampala

Nowadays, women have more money than ever – and more STRESS too. So it makes sense that he new “Orgasmic Meditation” trend would start taking off in this environment.

Orgasmic Meditation is a massage technique which involves women paying trained practitioners to touch their private parts in order to reach a ‘larger state of consciousness’ while also “improving intimacy” and “increasing your orgasm skills.”

The Group masturbation sessions, known as “nests”, involve women stripping down from their underwear and having a practitioner massage their clitoris for 15 minutes straight while being watched by other members of the group. Founder of Orgasmic Meditation, Nicole Daedone, is quoted as saying, “The female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet.”

Massage in Ntinda
One of the photos used by a massage parlour in Ntinda in the suburbs of Kampala.

The latest rumors we have is that this kind of massage is now available in Kampala. If you would like to know the several massage parlours where this kind of message is offered just drop us a message and we will secretly share a list with you.


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