“I Never Broke Up With SK Mbuga”- Singer Leila Kayondo Reveals


Jailed Ugandan moneybags SK Mbuga is that man living a somewhat lonely life in incarceration inside a prison in Dubai. He is accused of conspiring with his lover Viviene Birungi Chebet of defrauding veteran Swedish politician Stein Heinsoo of over 53 million Swedish kroner (approx 23 billion Uganda shillings).

But he is certainly not completely abandoned; His old flame Leila Kayondo has still got a little love for her “ex” boyfriend burning inside. Leilah revealed this in a recent Galaxy FM interview. Leila and Mbuga broke up after the latter had turned the former into his punching bag that he always retreated to whenever he needed to beat that stress. And all that has not killed the love that Leila had for Mbuga when she says that she never broke up with him and neither would such a thing ever happen. “I never broke up with Mbuga and I dont think we will ever break up.” A childhood sweetheart she calls him as they met whilst she was in primary three and he Mbuga already in secondary school.

“He was in secondary and I was in P3 when we met. If I ever miss him, I just know where to find him but we did not break up.” Only hope she doesn’t hope to find him behind bars. Of course paying him a visit wouldn’t be a crime. Would it? An old flame really dies hard they say.


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