City Socialite Spends $ 80,000 on Bum Plastic Surgery


If you are thinking that the current situation of financial depression in Uganda is affecting every one, better relax and think again. You might need to listen to Dr. Tee’s song Kaaba Mpola ate mu Kisenge Kyo!

Hot in our gossip today is Mastula Mutaasa, a city socialite who has undergone plastic surgery to get the best curves and enhance her bums at a whopping US$80,000. Though Mastula has been trying to keep a low life these days, the unbelievable news have been leaked by her inner circle!

Mastula Mutaasa is a daughter to renowned tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero who has several buildings in Kampala. Mastula is currently married to city tycoon, Nasser Isaac, a South African businessman with real names Nasser Basajjabalaba.

According to her friends, she also did got a boob plastic job to renovate her surging boobs that had started respecting the natural laws of gravity.

Close sources reveal that the surgery is being performed by big time celebrity American surgeon, Dr Curves in Atlanta who has worked on almost all the female celebrities in the US entertainment industry such as rapper Cardi B.

The rumor has been confirmed by the pictures of her that are circulating on social media, posing with Dr Curves in Atlanta.


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