Bobi Wine ReArrested & Charged with Treason

The Uganda Police has re-arrested the just released Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert popularly known as Bobi Wine. This was just after a few minutes after...

Kenyans Join the #FreeBobiWine Social Media Campaign

The #FreeBobiWine campaign is now among the top 5 trending social media platforms hashtags in Africa mainly on Twitter and Facebook. This was created...

Slick Stuart To join his Fellow Dj Roja at NBS

With the expiration of their contract with KFM, the celebrated disk spinning duo of DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja are set to work...

Top 10 Budget Destinations To Visit In Uganda

Planning a budget safari in Uganda? The pearl of Africa has got tapestry landscapes, beautiful wildlife, friendly people, different historical and cultural attractions all...

Kizza Besigye’s son, Anselm, Pictured Feeling White Girl’s boobs

Former FDC president Kizza Besigye's son, Anselm Besigye is having the time of his life at Harvard University in United Kingdom. He has proved...

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