All About Nyege Nyege Festival


Every year, Uganda sees a number of events and festivals cutting from tourism, agricultural, cultural and entertainment. However, the most outstanding of the recent years has been the Nyege Nyege. Every year come August, Ugandans get that strange little tingle, a feeling grows towards September and finally it hits you. Nyege Nyege is an only joy and happiness festival and has now become one of the most talked festivals not only here in Uganda.

What is all about

Everyone has his own opinion on Nyege Nyege and many go for it with different expectations. Those that attend it go for Partying, life transformation, recharging and meeting future spouses among others. Those that have not attended refer it to evil, too wild, for rastas etc.

However, Nyege Nyege is actually just a part of a much greater vision for the creative industry. The founders beieve in the creative arts economy as a potentail income greater than any resources found under the ground. They run two labels that include the Nyege nyege tapes and hakuna kulala and have both received International critical acclaim.

To artists, Nyege Nyege can make careers the same way it has made designers and restaurants, right there and then, with over 40 international bookers in attendance, an underground artist has the chance to break through.

Nyege Nyege Tapes now has over 25 artists on it’s roster, 75% of the making considerable income from European, Chinese, American and South American tours, inspiring more artists to come to Uganda and learn about East African music and the region as a whole.

Therefore, Nyege Nyege is a festival of celebration of the year’s works, for artists know that this is the performance that doesn’t do playbacks, it’s where the best come and shine thus helping the Ugandan Entertainment Industry grow Internationally.


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