Anita Fabiola Excites Karamojongs as ‘Tulambule’ Eastern Tour Reaches the 3rd Day


Fashionista and Media Personality Anita Fabiola has ecxited the residents of Karamoja as the Tulambule Campaign Eastern Tour reached the third day.

Anita Fabiola in Karamoja with Miss Tourism Karamoja Region
Anita Fabiola in Karamoja with Miss Tourism Karamoja Region

Fabiola, who is the host of the campaign, is charged with guiding beauty queens including Margaret Kakwanzi Miss Tourism Uganda, Josephine Nabirye Miss Earth and Emily Ayen Miss Karamoja throughout the tour.

Anita Fabiola for Zip Lining
Anita Fabiola on the first day of the campaign as she prepares for Zip Lining in Mabira Forest

The third day was visiting Karamojong land and a lot of fun happened with the gorgeous ladies visiting the locals in their shelters known as ‘Manyattas’ to chat, play games and learn more about the cultural heritage of the area and way of area.

Fabiola at Sipi Falls
Second Day of the Campaign as Fabiola visited Sipi Falls

The promo Uganda tour which kicked off with two days back with visiting Mabira forest for exciting activities such as zip lining, Jinja Bridge and the Source of the Nile on Tuesday, then proceeded to Visiting the Sipi Falls on Mountain Elgon and will be ending tomorrow, (Friday 8th Feb 2019).

Fabiola with a Karamojong Elder
Fabiola with a Karamojong Elder

Here is how the happy moments were captured;

Anita Fabiol
Anita Fabiola Playful with the Locals of Karamoja
Anita Fabiola in Karamoja
Anita Fabiola in Karamoja
Fashionista Anita Fabiola
Anita Fabiola with the female locals

Karamojongs Chilling
Karamojong Locals Chilling

Karamoja is one of the less visited destinations in Uganda. This great land of warriors is a virgin area for tourism. Tourists visiting Uganda can experience a local community tour with the Karimojong warriors and also experience unrivalled game viewing in Kidepo Valley National Park and Pian Upe Game Reserve.

If you still have fear of traveling through the region, you can plan an escorted tour through the region with Guided Uganda, a local company offering a wide range of guided tours in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.


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