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Song Lyrics: Wakayima By Bebe Cool

Intro Ah a-a-a-a uh Ronnie on this this one Nuh nguh nah Eh e-e-e-e eh! A big size Bebecool a mih comma again Zagada #1 Omukwano kati nsibisa Nkokoto Abakulabako bagamba gwe oli...

I wasn’t happy to produce Chameleone – Mother

As yesterday the legendary Jose Chameleone was celebrating his 41th birthday, many people sent him lovely birthday wishes, including his nemesis (Bebe Cool) who...

Bebe Cool Gives Posho to Djs, Journalists & TB Patients

After Lil Pazo challenging musicians by donating 80kgs of posho, several musicians have started emulating the 'Bigooli' singer by giving back to the needy...

Bebe Cool Is Just Over Hyped But He Isn’t a Big Artist – Gift Ov Kaddo

During an exclusive interview with NBS TV (on Uncut), faded artist Gift Of Kaddo firmly censured that singer Bebe Cool isn't a big artist...

Rudeboy and Bebe Cool Release Delightful ‘Feeling’ Song Video – VIDEO ALERT

Bebe Cool and Nigeria's Rudeboy aka King Rudy have finally released the much anticipated video for their latest duet, dubbed 'feeling'. The audio of the...

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