Bebe Cool Is Just Over Hyped But He Isn’t a Big Artist – Gift Ov Kaddo

During an exclusive interview with NBS TV (on Uncut), faded artist Gift Of Kaddo firmly censured that singer Bebe Cool isn’t a big artist but he’s just over hyped by media personnel.

The ‘traffic man officer’ hit maker claims that the Gagamel boss is over hyped and rated as a legendary artist in Uganda but he doesn’t fit that class.

Kaddo says that if at all Bebe Cool can’t even write a song by himself then there’s no reason of him being called a music star in Uganda.

However, we came to know that the two artists have grudges on each other from way back and this might have catapulted all this.

Otherwise if Gift ov Kaddo didn’t do this interview after smoking some drugs then he was found hungry, especially in this lockdown.

Lastly, however, the Kaddo Farm CEO refused to be called a faded artist and that he wants to be remembered as a music legend in Uganda just like Kabuye Semboga, Paul Kafeero, Maddox Sematimba, Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone and others……but it seems the ‘faded’ (eh, sorry) Gift ov Kaddo forgot the meaning of ‘LEGEND’ or else he mistakenly mentioned it instead of ‘ONE HIT WONDER’.

Meanwhile, all the best legend (as he wishes)!!!!!


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