I wasn’t happy to produce Chameleone – Mother

As yesterday the legendary Jose Chameleone was celebrating his 41th birthday, many people sent him lovely birthday wishes, including his nemesis (Bebe Cool) who surprised him with a cake baked by wife, Zuena Kirema.

Bebe Cool did not only catch Chameleone off guard but also all of us, as no one really expected the ‘nkuliyo’ singer to take a cake to his long-time arch-rival, at his home in Seguku (along Entebbe road) – especially in this corona virus crisis.

Nevertheless, the cake was later taken and served from Chameleone’s parents’ home in Seguku and this is where the ‘baliwa’ singer’s mother (in an interview) revealed how annoyed she was when she gave birth to the legendary singer.

Chameleone’s mother, Proscovia Mayanja, revealed that when she conceived for the singer’s pregnancy, she thought she was at least carrying a girl since she had gave birth to already three boys and she was really fed up of boys.

Since there was no scanning, by that time, the mother went to the hospital not knowing the type of child she was carrying and when she gave birth, she was shocked and unhappy when doctors congratulated her for giving birth to a bouncing baby boy yet she expected a girl.

Chameleone and mother

Not only Chameleone’s mother was unhappy for his birth but also the father, Mr Gerrard Mayanja, who also revealed that he wanted a girl by the time the self-proclaimed music doctor was born.

However, besides both parents regretting his birth at first, they admitted that they had nothing to do but going home with their child and raise him in the best way.

Meanwhile, continue growing gracefully Jose Chameleone!!!!!!


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