Opinion: The Rwenzururu Chief Prince Must Explain


It not only seems but it is believed that the real devil lies in the details. This is my third(3rd) edition of our series ” The Devils’ Hand Behind the Rwenzururu Omen”.

The Young people are the leaders of tomorrow so some popular  saying goes. The woes that have befallen my beloved kingdom are far beyond the most ordinary. Am dismayed by the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association press release.

Their dossier brought about very many allegations against the Chief Prince of this Kingdom. This worries very many subjects of the same. It is very absurd to learn about the seemingly uneasiness between possibly the royal family and these elders.

Important to note is the fact that some of these elders have lived their entire lives in the struggle to liberate the Bakonzo. Some of them started with the Late Isaya Mukirania. If he resurrected now, I believe he would not be at ease with himself.

The question is, is it true that you truly and solely propagated this dossier that was signed at State House in January tainting the entire Bayira?

Is it true that you drafted that same document?

If so may you explain how this rift between you and these veterans will help?

Without prejudice to the above, you are the peace champion at the moment. How shall you achieve the desired goal without these veterans? They seem still holding a grip and some people’s trust. What should be the way forward?

This calls for a much more inner realisation session as the Bayira than it has been.

This is why i have always warned that this long desired peace may still be thousands of miles away.

Its true dynamics might have changed but these people are still a vital asset.
Emotions in the Rwenzori question is not going to help anyone.

Any like minded person knows that if anyone is to champion peace, he must bring all stakeholders on board.

However, the public uneasiness (enmity) between you and the elders is a stampede in the whole peace process.

Recently in one meeting in Kasese, people made a blind resolution and ignorantly went ahead to say that they don’t have veterans in the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu.

Now, for lack of a better word, this is what I call naked insanity. Running away from from your true selves will not help.

These people have a fully fledged ministry in the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, how could people think too low under your watch without any guidance?

In an innuendo you are saying that possibly the youth or whichever people should take the lead.

Now what is the age limit? When will you be retiring? When is our current prime minister retiring? When should people like Mzee Baluku take leave?

I must repeat, we must play your role and talk about what concerns people. Let us ask ourselves why after every ten years we seemingly have similar occurrences in Rwenzori.

As I told you last time some of these cultural leaders do not even know what their subjects want. Then, on whose shoulder is that burden?

We are playing in the hands of our enemy. There is an invisible hand at the moment that seems to have blinded some people.

For once whatever is seemingly blinding anyone is the real devil’s hand. The misfortune befalling Rwenzururu is in its morning.

I must equally make mention of the fact that running away from responsibility does not in anyway save you from the consequences that come as a result of running away from the same.

Sandy Apolo Randy,

A humble subject under the Rwenzururu Kingdom

A lawyer and a human rights activist.
The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye


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