MP Soroti Municipality Marks Anniversary With Electorates


The Member of Parliament Soroti Municipality marks his one year anniversary with an outreach to his voters. It was one year since the young and energetic legislator for Soroti Municipality was elected to represent the heart of Teso in Parliament.

It was a hot contest with his rivals that he managed to trounce all to take the day. During his campaigns he promised to work with and for the people. The young visionary legislator who the young generation in his constituency and the entire Teso are looking at as their true reflection has been doing some small projects within his community aimed at helping the needy.

The Legislator decided to mark what he called the Ariko Foundation week as he marked exactly one since he was entrusted with power. It was a week in which he awarded various scholarships to some of the best PLE pupils that were joining secondary school.

He ran an initiative Keep Soroti clean aimed at reviving the list glory of this once great town. The event ended on Saturday with a call to each and everyone to join hands and work for Soroti. “Yes I agree that not everyone voted for me, but by virtue of the fact that I won, I became a leader for all and hence in case there is anyone who is still holding any electoral discontent its the time he or she dropped it and joined us in making Soroti a better place for all of us” he remarked. He was joined by the local government leadership of Soroti Municipality led by the LCV chairperson, the division mayors, their Councillors and the town clerk’s office.

He ended by thanking all people that had taken part in the exercise both directly or indirectly. He thanked the Dream Team that has always stood with him


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