Opinion: We Either Speak the Truth or Find Ourselves in Mass Graves


The Rwenzururu Treachery.

We either speak out the truth together or wait to be castigated better still finding ourselves in the same mass grave. It is unfortunate and absurd to continue moving in a direction that is most likely to be openly leading us to another hell. I won’t point out the most obvious, the abusive language that has become a trademark of some “prominent figures”. That is minor.

However, allow me to point at the two issues that some have over echoed of late. The Peace talk. As long as you continue in this direction using that similar methodology, you are trading a hoax to your sponsor(who of course is not interested in the so called peace). I would like you to realise that the much loved peace you are talking about can never be an out in the Rwenzori context.

The Rwenzoris need not need quick fixes. People have been heard several times castigating the elders. Some people indeed had their day on the date they signed that stupidest document (admission).

These helpless illiterate men and women were taken advantage of. I will not devolve into what exactly happened(which you very well know). That aside, you truly believe that possibly the new kingdom order of any, should have nothing to do with these elders. Some people hold a strong view that they have lived their usefulness. One may agree with you but this is a dangerous notion.

There is no such a society where elders are not part of the societal establishment. All me sometime to study the Veteran’s Statement before I commit crimes against myself.

Sandy Apolo Randy
The Author is a lawyer and a true subject of His Majesty Charles Wisely Mumbere Irema-Ngoma.
The Dream Team.
Keeping the Hope Alive. sapolo87@gmail.com


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