Opinion : An Open Letter to My Rwenzururu Ancestors


This is my fourth (4th) edition of the Devil’s Hand Behind the Rwenzururu Omen series ran by our friend the Rwenzori Times.

My Dear beloved, the only way to honour you is to follow your true footsteps.The leopard hasn’t changed its spot.

There is one fact that I have grown to recognize and accept thus everything you desire has a cost, a price. It’s a fools’ ride to want something and not be willing to pay the price for it.

The level of civilization you envisaged can only be by the intelligent-brave of your time.

It’s true dynamics might have changed. The change was and is in form but not in substance.

Talk about marginalization, it’s still real. Talk about manipulation, still the deliberate moves championed the same way as it was then. However, its abominable to point a figure at such with the devils hand at work.

Indeed the struggle was not an easy one but you did what you could in the circumstances.

However from a distance I can hear your spirits crying out for help. Yes, I can see your eyes with tears, crying for your grand sons and daughters.

Yes! It’s a pity that we have taken your toil for a ride and hence considering you for fools of your generation.

The woes here are pathetic ranging from betrayal to blackmail etc.

The greatest challenge as one of friends once informed his friends online( something that was not used during your times) is the total failure of some people to know that the Rwenzururu Kingdom is not someone’s family matter but rather a matter for the entire Bayira.

I would like to apologize for this foolery. Its heartbreaking that we continue to hurt you time and again.

I can see what you used to tell us coming to pass. Kigheri has returned in various forms with various tactics. This time round he is stronger than your times. Sophisticated I must admit though dull too.

Some of your grand children think that because every Muyira has a mobile phone that is it. They forget that these are matters of evolution and unavoidable.

They think in terms of money as if any amount of money can buy lives and your sweat. You can never betray blood and go unpunished.

Your grand children are hungry to an extent of selling their kinsmen for a loaf of bread. May you resurrect and rescue us.

However, there are some of us that are keenly watching and following. All hope is not lost. We are focusing more on the software not the hardware.

You truly fought a good battle. Your battle was focused on the Bayira software not the hardware.

Whoever is behind our perpetual or has engineered our historically untold suffering at this moment in time must and will pay at one time in future. He or she will face the Banyarwenzururu face to face one day.

Sandy Apolo Randy,
A humble subject under the Rwenzururu Kingdom Establishment.
A lawyer and a Human Rights Activist.
The Dream Team.
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye.


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