Ykee Benda Brags for Being The Luckiest Artist in Uganda


Ykee Benda started out his musical career seven years ago and instantly broke through with his single Farmer.

He further made a big leap in the industry when he remixed the song with Sheebah and it was one of the top songs in 2016.

He has since then produced blockbuster pieces which have made him hold successful shows and win multiple awards.

Currently, he owns a sound record studio, events company, and artist management agency which are all under one entity, Mpaka records.

Musicians in Uganda struggle for some reasonable time, even some take years to have their breakthroughs.  However, the “Farmer” singer shortly made his name after graduating from the University in Algeria with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

This is what he had to say about his luck in the recent interview, “ I studied engineering but got my breakthrough immediately after my return to Uganda. This shows that I am the luckiest musician in Uganda.

He further mentioned that he would hold a show in 2023.


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