Fik Fameica Not Under Pressure Ahead of His Concert


The freshest nigga (Fik Fameica) around town will be hosting a concert come tomorrow evening. Fik Fameika is one of the mainstays in the Uganda music industry.

He has been in the game for over five years. Ever since his breakthrough in 2017, he has been relentless in producing hit songs.

His music cuts across generations but it is mostly enjoyed by the youth and is an icon to most of them. They want to dress and act like him.

On the 26th of August 2022, tomorrow, he will be staging his second show.

It is always stressful for artists when planning their concerts but it is a different story for the Kutama Singer who has the self-belief that his fans will turn up.

Talking to a local channel, the rapper stated that he has the music and his fans have waited long for a mega show. He wants to get interact and get close to his fans after a long time.

When asked whether he feels some pressure, he said, “I am not pressured because my fans yearned and requested for this and they have patiently waited for this long.

He further bragged that it cannot be a flop because he has performed across the country for events organizers and they had a good turn-up, implying that his fans love him as well as his music.

He requested all revelers to show up at Hotel Africana this Friday to have an unforgettable moment with King Kong.

Hindsight, Fik Fameica had a flop concert in 2018 at Kyadondo Rugby Ground but he was able to lift himself up and do more music up to date. Now he is more mature and ready to stamp a foot on the Uganda music scene once more.


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