King Saha Changes Concert Dates to October


A few months ago, Semanda Mansour alias king Saha revealed that he would be having a concert on the 14th of February 2023 when he was asked by a local journalist whether he could host one.

However, he has had a change of mind after seeing successful concerts happening such as Azawi, B2C, Juliana, and a couple of Nigerian artists.

Information reaching us indicates that the Zakayo hitmaker shifted his concert dates from 14th February 2023 to a near date within the month of October this year. The concert will take place at Hotel Africana where Fik Fameica will be holding his tonight.

The decision to shift his concert would have been made because currently, he has a hit song, Zakayo and he wishes his fans to enjoy it live and in performance before it fades away.

King Saha has held two concerts, the first one at Freedom City and the last at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds and they were all a success. He is confident that he will come out triumphant even in the coming one since he is one of the hottest musicians in the land with a trending song Zakayo.


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