Things that Should Not Miss in Your Self Drive Rental Car

Car Travel in Uganda

You probably own a vehicle or planning to rent a car in Uganda for your self-drive safari or any tour in Uganda but the essential question that every solo traveler should know is what items or things should not miss out in your self-drive rental car? Preparation before hitting the road for your holiday is very important whether you are a first time traveler or repeat traveler on Uganda safaris. Usually, most of us leave our tools back at home yet it is essential to have them in the car to address a number of cases like car breakdown while you are far away from home. We bring you a list of items you shouldn’t miss to pack in your self-drive rental car as we plan a post COVID-19 solo trip in Uganda.

Required tools in case of car breakdown & maintenance

If you have been on self-drive tour or any journey and the car broke down then you understand the stress that comes along when you left your tools back at home. Such occurrences can surely ruin your self-drive safari experience or even a normal journey. However, with the following at hand, you have a million reasons to get back to the road to make your self-drive trip a success;

  • Spare tyre, car jack and wheel spanner-are essential to have in your car the fact that no one may assist you with his or her spare tyre to fix on.
  • Jumper cables-this play a significant role especially for cases of dead batteries or any issues related to batteries.

Safety and survival

Safety is every traveler priority while on a road, journey as a family, friends and relatives or self-drive tour in Uganda. You should be well-equipped with;

  • First aid kit-this should contain different basic items like medication, bandages, liniments and a lot more.
  • Sun glasses-these play essential role especially in safeguarding your eyes from sun rays.
  • Fire extinguisher-have a small sized fire extinguisher to help you stop small fire.
  • Seat belts-not just seat belts but they should be functional. They play vital role in saving lives in case of accidents and ensure before setting off, everyone is on a seat belt.
  • Gloves-these limit your fragile skin from exposure.
  • Reflective triangles-these are essential especially in case of car breakdown. They reduce chances of you getting hit by another person on road side.
  • Global Positioning System-the GPS is vital for you to find direction in case you got lost.

Health matters

  • There are a number of basic items to carry to ensure you don’t get infected by germs for instance-you need hand sanitizers, hand towels and tissue/roll of toilet paper.

Other basic items

  • You may also require umbrella-not every time you will be in the car and for this case, you may need to connect to other places or even to the car then it starts raining. You also need USB mobile charger for your gargets; reusable shopping bag and many others.


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