Traffic Officer’s Motorcycle Goes Missing from Lira CPS

Lira CPS Parking

Police in Lira have mounted a “lost and found” search for a missing motorcycle that belongs to one of their own. The station is now on a look out & investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a Motorcycle that belongs to one of the traffic officers attached to the police station. The motorcycle has gone missing from the Lira central Police Station last night.

The Motorcycle which vanished from under the Police’s nose belongs to a Police Traffic Officer, Egaru David.

Egaru reportedly parked his motorcycle Reg. No. UEX 761Y at the Police station as he does every evening for safe keeping but did not find it when he returned in the morning.
He has filed the matter with the Police under File No. 14/06/25/2020

The North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson Micheal Odongo confirmed the incidence saying they are investigating tha matter though no one has yet been arrested.


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