The Rwenzururu “woes” aren’t Over


This evening we have received the best news of the day. The release of the Omusinga from incarceration has been welcomed by many. Depending on the nature of conditions slapped against him, one couldn’t get more happier. There is a lot of logic in the set terms. One would come to a conclusion of summing it up that The state held bilateral talks with the Royals. Why wouldn’t the state allow Justice to take its course? Should one believe that the state is actually diverging our minds from the massacre?

Are our area MPs criminals or leaders? One would come to a conclusion that the State was politically fighting these MPs in this case. The chief Prince was Quick to say” This issue would only be handled by the state and the Royal Family” he was further quoted saying” The issue can be best handled out of court “. That wouldn’t be a problem, but the issue is ; What is the fate of the hundreds of Innocent people Incarcerated in Kirinya and Luzira Prisons?

Do the back door talks help to heal the wounds of the bereaved families? If the chief planner of the attacks according to the Apologies received at State House is enjoying life out of Cell, does it carry sense to continue with the investigations?

Barring the King from visiting his subjects literally means he is dethroned. Shall we remain Kingless even when the King is around Kampala? Am not done yet, what will happen when the case takes more than three years to be settled? We have seen many state cases flop after a very long waste of time. The vivid example is Besigye’s cases.

What message does it send to the subjects by airlifting the King to his home? Did the Royals decide to forget so easily the number of people we lost in the massacre?

Lastly, my Appeal goes to the Hon. Minister Kibanzanga to continue engaging with the State to drop all the framed cases against the king. Otherwise, the set conditions are equally an abuse to the subjects.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente
The Dream Team
Keeping Hopes alive.
The Author of this article is a subject of the Rwenzururu Kingdom and a concerned citizen.


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