Prison Break in Moroto as 219 Inmates Escape with Tens of Guns


If you haven’t heard there has been a prison break in Moroto prison with reportedly over 215 prisoners escaping with over 30 guns. This could be a schofield mastermind.

Anyway, according to sources, the prisoners from Moroto Central Prison made a raid on the armory before taking off with guns into the mountains. However, the UPDF is in pursuit of them and several occasions of Gunfire has been heard in the area that is claimed to have sofar claimed three lives including a confirmed army officer.

According to a one David Oyel, Most of the people who escaped from Moroto Prison are Karamojong warriors who are very dangerous and know very well the architecture of the Moroto mountains that will make it a hard task for the UPDF to find them.

There are also reports that 7 of the escapees have been recaptured. This has been confirmed by the Uganda Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine who also says most of them are Jie warriors.

The prison had a total number of 684 inmates 684 before the jail break that could be believed as the biggest in Uganda’s History.

Interestingly, the prisoners chose to stip Naked because people in Moroto hardly put on clothes and if one dumped the gun, he could easily fit in the local community which is predominantly naked all the time.


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