OTT Tax Opposers Are Seeking Cheap Fame – Bebe Cool


“OTT tax is not bad! Those opposing it are seeking cheap fame. Bebe Cool  has spoken out on new taxes
In an interview on BBS TV the “batiddemu” star made his minds known on the increased excise duty levied on Social media and nobile money users. Below is his statement.

The taxes are not a problem, but the amount taxed, allocation and protection of the money is the issue to discuss. If the public and government negotiate on the amount and the money is not embezzled by greedy officials then taxing has no problem. Before you say a tax is bad first know the state in which the country is. The country is in huge debts. We need this money to settle the debts provided it’s not embezzled.

Why did the MPs keep quiet while the law was passed. Why didn’t they at least break microphone stands in parliament to show their unsatisfaction? Let them not count us fools now.

He went on to say that Am so ashamed by the artists who don’t want to pay tax yet they are earning. They use social media to make money but don’t want to be taxed yet other people’s businesses are being taxed. They received money on phones directly when booked and it’s not taxed (PAYEE).

The president said the tax was over rated and called for a review into the percentage from 1% to 0.5% before anyone staged a strike soo the strike was just a stunt to seek cheap popularity for it had no effect at all. Individuals should oppose with solutions not just being negative. If the tax has been brought to solve the financial crisis in which the country is, oppose it with an alternative solution not merely opposing but the problem is that the ones opposing have no solutions.


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