Bebe Cool Compares A pass to a Goat


Bebe Cool and Apass woes are never ending. Bebe Cool has compared Apass to a Goat at the Royal Ascot Goat Race in Munyonyo! “This goat sings and looks like Apass” Bebe Cool said.

#He didn’t take it lightly and now Bebe Cool strikes back at A pass for branding him a big body and no brained? A real empty brain in a social media post. Now the “Batiddemu” star at the Royal Ascot Goat Race grand opening press conference in Munyonyo compares a goat he had bud a stake for to A pass. From saying the colours of the goat’s hair matched A pass’s hair to saying it exactly sung like the didadada star when you touched it.

‚ÄúThis goat sings like A Pass, when you touch it. It makes Didadada sounds. It also has a hairstyle like Apass’ he said. There has got to be a reply from the other side and it is coming up pretty soon.


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