Os Suuna to Break Covid-19 Guidelines As He Plans to Hold a Physical Music Concert


Ever since Uganda registered its first covid-19 (corona virus) patient on the 21st of March 2020, many businesses in the country were halted from operating, by the government.

The government temporarily stopped businesses from operating as well as closing the borders and Entebbe International Airport to safeguard its citizens from catching and spreading this malignant corona virus disease.

Meanwhile as time as moved on, the government has started easing the lockdown and allowing certain businesses to operate again. Among the businesses that were allowed to operate however exclude the bars, churches, and entertainment, among others.

For the government refusing to open the entertainment venues and not allowing musicians to work again has angered a number of musicians including the ‘mama cita’ hit maker, Os Suuna.

Os Suuna revealed how unhappy he is after the government allowing almost everyone to resume working but only neglecting the musicians. The singer therefore said he is going to hold a physical musical concert on the 29th of August at Calendar – a Makindye-based entertainment venue, as a peaceful striking.

The singer said that his concert is a wake-up call to the Uganda government that musicians are swimming in poverty and that it should allow them to work again. He promised the government that if musicians are allowed to work again, they can as well follow the covid-19 guidelines as implemented by the government and Ministry of Health.

Os Suuna promised that his fans and revelers who will attend his concert will all have to sanitize, wear masks, and also keep social distancing as they groove to his tunes. He also said that in order not to go go against the covid-19 guidelines, his concert may start at 4pm and end at 9pm – not passing the curfew hours.



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