Gen Katumba’s Attempted Murder Should Be a Warning to Other Officials – Bobi Wine


Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has urged the security forces to concentrate at providing security for the people of Uganda and their property other than focusing brutalising political opponents, abducting and torturing innocent citizens.

Kyagulanyi made the remarks shortly after unknown assailants reportedly travelling on two motorcycles opened fire at Gen Katumba Wamala’s vehicle on Tuesday morning killing his daughter and driver instantly before riding away.

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“It is absurd and it is a terrible time in Uganda. It is frightening but we pray that God will continue to strengthen the family of Gen Katumba Wamala and we are thankful to God that his life has been spared, we pray for his quick recovery,” he said.

Bobi wine said that such incidents should remind all the citizens that the state of lawlessness in not only a risk to the commonly citizen but to all Ugandans.
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“We all noticed that the security forces of Uganda instead of providing security for the people and their property, they have concentrated on oppressing political opponents and abducting and torturing innocent citizens. This in a way has opened up for insecurity not only for the citizens but for everybody, “he said.

He claimed that the assailants who are using motorcycles to terrorise the citizens are professional killers and commandos who can shoot and kill on spot while riding.

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“These are professional killers. These could probably be very highly trained murderers. This has not just began happening, it has been happening for a long while and you and me know that not a single report has been released on the murder of high-ranking citizens of Uganda,” he said.

He said that the disorder and the intrigue within the security forces is causing insecurity in the country.


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