MP Zaake and Nince Henry Record Song


During this week, a picture of Mityana’s member of parliament Francis Zaake and Song Writer Nince Henry surfaced on the internet which indicated that they were cooking something. The picture shows Zaake standing Infront of the sing booth and Nince Henry beside him holding a pen and paper.

Nince Henry confirmed the gest while speaking to Spark Tv, a local channel. He said that they are working on a new song with MP Zaake which will premiere on the 28th of August 2022.

The “My body” singer explained their friendship with Zaake and it led to the making of the love song.

It is alleged that Zaake recorded the song for his fiancé Namirembe Bridget whom he is due to wed on 9th September 2022 at Kiyinda-Mityana Church.  The couple will hold their reception at Mityana Emirates Hotel.

Zaake decided to make a song to celebrate their love with his wife to be on the wedding day. The song was produced by Dan Magic and Written by Nince Henry


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