Why Fille’s Family is Refusing Mc Kats to See Child


Earlier this week, a video appeared on the socials showing Mc Kats on his kneels pleading to an old lady alleged to be Fille’s mother

In the amateur video, the NBS After 5 presenter is seen and head asking to be permitted to access his daughter.

To Kats’ disappointment of being refused to be given his child, he went out of control and verbally confronted his mother-in-law. He is heard saying that no what matters happens, they have to give him his child. The old lady retaliated by accusing Kats of spoiling her daughter by introducing her to music and drugs. The renowned MC lamented about building the house the mother-in-law and her daughter stay in.

Shortly after the video went viral, Fille came out to deny refuting her ex-lover from seeing their child. The curvy singer said, “I and Kats are co-parenting and have a mutual understanding. I cannot stop him from seeing our daughter. He is free to check on her whenever he feels like”

Many have been wondering why would Fille’s mother block Kats from seeing his daughter yet Fille says otherwise. As we dive into the story, we got some lead to the reason.

Rumor has it that Fille’s family is refuting Kats to see his daughter because he uses it as an opportunity to mingle and get closer to the Squeeze singer.

Mc Kats and Fille engaged in a bitter split a few years ago but now the anger has faded away. They have begun relating and hanging out under the disguise of co-parenting.

However, Filles’s family regards the Kats Foundation boss as a bad company as stated in the video that went viral.


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