Mowzey Radio’s Mausoleum (Tomb) To Be Made A Uganda Tourist Site


Mowzey Radio’s Mausoleum is to be opened officially to public on the 1st of February. And from those dates on wards, the Mausoleum will be made a tourist site in Uganda as stamped in by the Minister of state for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Honorable Kiwanda Godfrey Suubi.

Late Mowzey Radio’s grave is finally going to be opened up for the public. This comes a few days after the deceased’s family announced that they’re going to be turning it into a Mausoleum where his personal belongings, accolades, photos and artwork will also be hanged for his fans to see.

According to Radio’s family, the Mausoleum will be opened to the fans, tourists and others on 1st February, the same dates the departed was manslaughtered. They further went on saying that there will also be a flat screen playing the singer’s hit music videos back to back, day-to-day!

Meanwhile, one will have to leave some nominal fee that will be used to take care of the Mausoleum. The family has also requested all fans and friends to forward photos that they took together with Mowzey Radio so that they can be displayed in a certain slot in the Mausoleum and this could be the biggest tourist site in the country.

The singer’s grave will also have most of his hit songs displayed on the tombstone including; nakutamani, akalimu, bread and butter, zuena, whistle song, gutamiiza, potential, ability, talk and talk, hamidah, neera, leesu, hellena, don’t cry, magnetic, obudde, just to mention….. May his soul continue resting in eternal peace!!


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