Car Rental Terms: Know What You Are Hiring


In every official business dealing, there has to be a written document that shows that the two parties making trade have come into agreement to get the business done. This also applies in car rental business in Uganda; there is a black and white printed paper that explains what the terms and conditions one has to agree upon to rent a car from the rental company. In essence, this agreement explains what the car rental service package is all about for a given company.

Most Uganda Car Rentals have their own car rental agreements and there is no way a traveler can hire a car from a serious agency without reading and endorsing one. Different car hire companies have different clauses/ terms and conditions of hiring a car but there are some common clauses that are found in all in the different car rental agreements of different car rental companies.

Here are the main clauses in the car rental agreement to look at while hiring a car in Uganda

Identification of the hirer

This is the first clause of every agreement as it asks of disclosing the particulars of the person wishing to hire the vehicle. The particulars ask of the hirer are his name, nationality, place of residence and occupation

Vehicle description and the duration of the car rental services

This talks about the model and the type of car one is hiring and the number plate. This validates whether the car asked for by the hirer is the actual given to him or her. In addition, it talks about the number of days the hirer is wishing to rent the car. The destinations where one will be driving to.

Mode and amount of payment of the rental car

This stipulates the method used for the payment of the rental that is whether the money was paid by cash or electronic transfer. It goes an extra mile to indicate the currency used for payment and also exact the amount of money paid for the whole duration of the rental experience.

Usage of the rental car

This clause explains the hirer’s obligations while driving the vehicle. This is talks about the way the hirer is supposed to act and also use the car. This is a very important clause as it shows how one is supposed to drive in Uganda in order to minimize accidents as some important driving tips are indicated.

Damages and insurance

This is a very sensitive clause that every hirer has to read very carefully and understand because the damages caused on the car is the main reason as to why many travelers curse the rental experience  when they fail to agree with the company on who to pay for the damages caused while using the car. Damages and accidents occur both avoidable and unavoidable but there has to a price to solve or put them right. So this clause explains to what extent the hirer is liable for the damages caused on the vehicle while driving it that is when to pay or not to pay for the damages. Record that most of the rental cars have comprehensive insurance. It also explains what the hirer is supposed to do when an accident occurs.

The return of car clause

This explains the condition in which one is supposed to return the car. this talks about the time one is supposed to return the car, what would happen in case one returns it late and also what one is meant to do if he/she wants to extend his/her rental duration.

It also talks about fuel refilling as most of the rental cars given to travelers go with some amount of fuel to kick start the journey and the other hand one is supposed to return the car with almost the exact fuel the car had when it was given to him/her. It should also be clean as delivered to the hirer

Breach of contract

This clause discusses the penalties a client faces when he/she violates the clauses or term and conditions he/she endorsed on while renting a car.

Therefore every traveler wishing to hire a car in Uganda has to carefully read and comprehend the above clauses of the car rental agreement so that no disagreements between you and the rental company occur over the car hire services.



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