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Song Lyrics: Owomukwano by Mowzey Radio

okukwagala kyangu nyo kinyumira okukyogera nti onjagala nyo kinyonyogera nze nkwagala nkwagala nyo gw’ansingira newenjiwa omusaayi guwandiika linnya lyo yegwe asooka, yegwe owomumakati gw’asembayo gw’atebaaka nze ninda nkoko kukokolima woo ah...

10 Facts About Mowzey Radio & all his songs (232 songs) – In Memory of Radio

Ugandan crooner Mowzey Radio, who died 2 years back (1st Feb 2018), will be remembered for his rich voice in the many songs that...

Mowzey Radio’s Mausoleum (Tomb) To Be Made A Uganda Tourist Site

Mowzey Radio's Mausoleum is to be opened officially to public on the 1st of February. And from those dates on wards, the Mausoleum will...

Weasel, Fans, and Well Wishers to Camp at Radio’s Burial Place on 1st Feb

On 1st February, they will be exactly two years ever since the untimely demise of the lead performer of East Africa's dynamic duo -...

Troy’s Verdict On the Killing of Mowzey Radio

As everyone knows that Troy Wamala is the main accused in the killing of Uganda's singer, Mowzey Radio real names Ssekibogo Nakintije Moses, Troy...

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