Lwasa Sets Date For Introduction With New Lover


Masaka don, Lwasa in for another introduction ceremony with a new lover on the 29th of October 2022.

Lwasa has been in an on-and-off relationship with his lover Angel whom she introduced a few years. The couple has made themselves a nuisance in the public domain by doing all sorts of mickey mouse games on social media.

While appearing in an interview with spark TV, the Masaka mogul narrated that he got a soulmate who assisted him to forget about Angel, his ex.

Lwasa refused to give the full details of the ceremony but said that he will tell the media when the right time comes. He is apparently focused on giving his new lover a special treat.

In his real words, Lwasa said, “The ceremony is taking place on 29th of October this year. I feel loved again.

One of our sources revealed that the tycoon is in love with a Kampala belle known as Kalibtanya. She recently posted a tattoo of Lwasa’s picture on her body.

Contrastingly, shortly after unveiling his new catch, Lwasa appeared in a video with ex-Lover Angel having a meal at some restaurant in Kampala. He excitedly said that they were still in love with Angel. He even requested her to say something about but all she could is smile.


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