Aziz Azion Requests Sweet Kid to Get Back to Singing


Following Sweet Kid’s remarkable performance at Juliana Kanyomozi’s concert, Aziz Azion has asked the legendary singer to end his retirement and return to the stage arguing that he still has the energy and fans still love him.

Aziz Azion first communicated his sentiments through social media.

“After a long time no wedding no shows, he was a surprise too last time. #Sweetkid, thanks for the good performance last night. We need you back on stage,” he posted.

He emphasized the same in an interview.

“On that day, I realized that people still love him and know his music as if he sang for them like yesterday. I saw how they were responding to his music and I was convinced he needs a comeback. I believe he can do it because he still has fans, the voice, and the energy,” he said when asked to comment on Sweet Kid’s performance.

Sweet Kid has been off the grid for many years.

Last year, he said he had decided to concentrate on his other businesses and retire from music.


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