Lil Pazo Donates 80Kgs of Posho, Asks Musicians to Emulate Him


Singer Lil Pazo has today donated 80kgs of posho to the task force team in the help of the needy citizens who were greatly affected by the lockdown resulting to corona virus outbreak in Uganda.

After donating, the ‘genda ogule emotoka’ hit maker asked the rest of musicians in Uganda to copy what he has done and give back to the people they normally yield money from.

The singer claims that he donated because musicians get a lot of money from the People who are now starving because of the current pandemic covid-19 but surprisingly he wasn’t seeing any musician giving back to the people, with the exception of Bobi Wine.

He says that this forced him to get what he could (80kgs), as little as it is, and show a good example to his fellow musicians to give back to people otherwise they were getting ashamed as musicians. He asked his fellow musicians, especially those who have staged big successful concerts over the time to give back to the people because if he, who hasn’t staged any concert managed to give back, how about them!!

He also refutes allegations that he got the 5kg of posho that was given to musicians saying that he is capable of catering for himself in this trying time and he instead begs the musicians’ gifted posho to be donated to the needy citizens claiming that all musicians are a bit well off as compared to some people out there!!!


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