I Won’t Apologize to Anyone, Says Dr T Amale


Just a few days back after the Bizonto Comedians asked their colleague, Dr T Amale real names Kafeero Toby, to apologize to the People Power fans, the former Radio Simba presenter has said that he will never apologize to anyone for he didn’t do anything wrong to anyone.

It is to be remembered that last month Dr T Amale made a viral video in which he claims was teaching and enlightening his followers and fans about what’s right and wrong.

However, in the video the People Power fans claim that the comedian attacked their president, Mr Bobi Wine,  hence abusing the entire Bizonto crew and starting to neglect their work, a thing which didn’t go well with the rest of the Bizonto members thus asking their workmate to publicly apologize to the People Power fans or else he will be fired after the 21 days ultimatum that they gave him.

Meanwhile, Dr T Amale has assured his colleagues, via Spark TV Live Wire show, that he’s not ready and willing to apologize to anyone claiming that he didn’t abuse or do anything wrong to anyone and so he has nothing to apologize for.

He says he respects his fellow colleagues and everyone because he’s a devoted born again, so he does his things after thinking about them and he can’t abuse people. He lastly says that he is ready to apologize to whoever brings evidence that he abused or demeaned him/her in anyway otherwise for now there’s nothing to apologize for.


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