Kasuku Grilled over Obnoxious remarks on Orphans

Dembe FM Talk and Talk host, Kasuku is well known for his reckless remarks that have in the past earned him beatings from top artists.
Recently, Kasuku took to his social media platforms to throw jibes at orphans.
“I convey this message from men. If you are a woman and an orphan, we shall not allow you to step on our heads and demean us. If you are a girl and have no parents, don’t step on a man’s head. An orphan how do you start stepping on my head?” Kasuku ranted in a video.
His statements have since caused divided opinions on social media and many activists led by NBS TV’s Victoria Bagaaya are pushing for a debate to cancel Kasuku for his comments.
“My mind can’t begin to comprehend how a grown man can get in front of a camera and record this disrespectful video. This is what people’s daughters have to deal with. Disgusted, this one is canceled too,” Victoria Bagaaya tweeted.
Kasuku has however been defended by some fellow journalists like Gabriel Buule who claims he was just being humorous.


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