Gravity Omutujju Nearly Called off His Concert


Rapper Gravity Omutujju revealed on Monday that he almost aborted staging his upcoming concert at Cricket Oval, Lugogo due to issues with his promoter known as Norbert.
“The promoter I trusted to organize my concert has been playing games, instead of promoting the show, he has been trying to sabotage it. He had not paid for the venue or any other essentials. He was even trying to cancel it because apparently, they told him I give out free tickets,” Gravity Omutujju revealed in an interview.
“To ensure this concert happens, I got a loan of 35M to refund Nobert for what he had given me as part of the concert preps. I am now working with Balaam Barugahare who chipped in to help me. I didn’t want to cancel because it would have affected my brand,” he added.
Gravity’s concert is slated to happen on October 1st, 2022.


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