Gov’t Official Goes into Hiding after Balooning 4 Interns


Western Kenya: A randy Government official has gone into hiding following reportedly impregnating four interns after the scandal came to light.

The administrator whose name has been withheld ‘left no intern upturned’ who had come to volunteer at his offices of which he impregnated four of them in the span of three months. According to sources, the amorous official is relatively good looking and a smooth operator to boost, thus younger women on internship easily fall for him.

“All fingers are pointing to an administrator whose love for women at the county offices is legendary. The girls have claimed he is the one who did the damage. What’s more, the guy is always seen in the company of the interns,” A source revealed.

The source continued to reveal hat the administrator hardly spares new and younger employees and interns at the county government. The interns worked in different departments and would be taken out for lunch by the administrator separately and on different occasions, unknown to each other.

Meanwhile, one of the ballooned girls who wished to remain anonymous revealed that the official had promised to help her get a permanent job at the county government, seeing as he is very close to the governor, so she couldn’t refuse the tempting offer.

When the four girls met and compared notes, it was rather discovered that the sex-pest had been using the same lie of helping them get permanently employed once they are done with their internship.

However, the women now plan to conduct DNA tests once they give birth to prove their word and have asked the governor to help them force the randy official out of hiding and take responsibility.


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