Shock As Father Finds His 17 year Old Daughter in Bed With Her Cousin


So unbelievable to his eyes, a father has found his 17 year old daughter in bed with a boy. Lawrence Kintu a resident of Sebina zone in Makerere III parish Kawempe got the greatest shock of any parent when he found his daughter Birungi Nakintu 17 in bed with an 18 year old William Lwanga in. And in whose bed? Lwanga’s mother’s bed.

Kintu could not believe his eyes and for a minute he stood speechless in disbelief over what his eyes were seeing. Had his daughter served her bean to her cousin? Kintu raised an alarm causing residents to heed his call for help.

When the community gathered and the crime had become known to the crowd Kintu explained that his daughter had been put out of school because her brain could not handle and it was decided that she joins her mother (Kintu’s) in the food vending business. At the time of commuting this heinous act, Nakintu had been sent home on an errand only for her to branch off just to make love to her cousin Lwanga. (Lwanga’s mother is a sister to Nakintu’s mother and the two are neighbours renting on the same premises of one Nkonge).

It was later decided by Kintu that a case be opened against Lwanga because he is already at the age of consent (18 years) yet his daughter is still a minor under law. A case file SD REF: 24/5/7/2018 was registered at police as investigations into the matter continue. We ask if this ever happened to you as a parent what would you do?


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