Four Arrested Over Lion Deaths in Queen Elizabeth National Park


In connection with the death of lions, an incident that was reported in Queen Elizabeth national park, four people were arrested. The four suspects were arrested on March 23rd 2021 by a security team that comprised of UWA rangers, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The four were arrested from the Kyenyabutongo Village, Rusoroza Parish, Kihihi Subcounty in the Kanungu District of South Western Uganda.

The arrested individuals are Ampurira Brian (26 Years), Tumuhire Vincent (49 Years), Aliyo Robert (40 Years) and Miliango Davi (68 Years). They were arrested in a joint operation mounted by the UWA, the Uganda Police and UPDF.

The suspects later led the team to a location where the three heads of the poisoned lions were hidden. The heads were hidden in a tree and the fourth one was buried with 15 legs under the same tree. The suspects revealed that they dropped one leg in the park.

The Uganda Police reports that three bottles containing a poison chemicla known as Furadan have been found in possession of the suspects.

A two litre jerrycan of lion fat oil were recovered in a banana plantation. Two spears, one panga and a hunting net were found hidden in the garden of Tumuhire Vincent.

Carcasses of lions that have been known for climbing trees were discovered in the Ishasha Sector in the evening of Friday March 19th 2021. The lions were found dead with their heads and paws hacked off, and their bodies surrounded by dead vultures, something that led the rangers to suspect poison.

After mounting a search, the security agencies received credible information about the people suspected to be behind the death of lions. Acting on the intelligence reports, a joint operation by UPDF, Uganda Police and UWA was conducted leading to the arrest of the four suspects.

The suspects are to be arraigned in the courts of Law and the Uganda Wildlife Authority assures the public that security has been strengthened in all national parks in Uganda.

UWA encourages visitors to go on Uganda safaris and has argued that protected areas are safe and attractive to visitors.




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