Baby Arrested For Attempted Murder


Pakistani police has arrested a baby for attempted murder after a brawl between his family and the police.

The child was arrested after he was finger pointed by his family members in Lahore for throwing bricks at police who were sent to collect unpaid bill.

The boy has been charged with attempted murder, as part of a raft of charges against the family, who are accused of injuring police officers by throwing bricks to keep them off their property.

CNN has reported the ordeal started February 1st when several police officers and a bailiff went to a home hoping to get payment for a gas bill. A scuffle ensued with the father of the baby.

Authorities then sought out other members of the household in order to press charges of stoning and attempted murder.

Lahore police acknowledged that the child appeared in court last week and cried while he was being charged.

Media coverage of the incident has led to the Chief Minister of Punjab calling for the suspension of the Pakistani official who registered the case against the baby.


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