“You have a big body but empty brains”- Apass Attacks Bebe Cool


The ever controversial A pass is at it again as he hits left right and centre to make his message reach. Its him again vs Bebe cool perhaps.

After the latter branded the protest against the social media and mobile money tax as irrelevant and its participants a nuisance, the didadada singer decides to hit back at the Gagamel chief when he labels the self titled Big size as big in body but small in brain in a cryptic post. He didn’t mention names buy hey the Ugandan Facebook world just knew this had been directed at Bebe Cool. Apass posted, “It’s not okay to carry a big body and have an empty brain. It’s not okay”. This was after Bebe Cool made a lengthy post saying social media is a luxury and calling on the artists who opposed the social media tax “opportunists”. Here is a lengthy post from Bebe Cool that has got him roasted once again on Social Media.

My name being Musa/Moses I agree with the fate that true prophets are never accepted in their communities in their times. That is why i worry less about insults that come from those who don’t take time to read, digest and so can’t understand what i say.
Fortunately am not seeking for your votes which gives me the luxury of being able to tell you the bitter truth as it is.
Do we Ugandans know the difference between luxuries and necessities? A luxury is something expensive that is pleasant to have but you can live without it. And a necessity is something you can’t avoid or leave without.
Alcohol, gambling, social media, clubbing, etc are luxuries.
Food, water, health/medical care, education, shelter, electricity, roads, etc are necessities.
Social media was introuduced in Uganda less than 10 years ago but people and businesses existed and excelled before it was introduced. Upto now, 90% of the business todate succeed without social media in Uganda. As a matter of fact, developed economies like China banned social media and is only limited to a 17- square mile free trade zone in Shanghai and only to make foreign investors feel more at home.
Of the above, what would a good leader advise his people to choose?
Be genuine to yourself, for the period you have spent using social media, which financial gain have you received? A job, business idea, marriage partner, business contact OR nudity, jokes, lugambo, distruction of marriages, slaying the queen, immorality? I am almost certain that the few of you who have gained the former have little or no problem paying a mere 200/= for something useful.
If you are the majority that gain nothing useful or sensible on social media, why continue spending money on it. Leave alone the 200/= but the tens of thousands of shillings on data. Banange twebalemu.
Secondly, can we Ugandans start defferianting between assets and liabilities. For anyone to succeed in life, you should know that anything that you spend on without gaining is a liability and anything that brings in money to you is an asset. Today some of you would rather die for a liability than concentrating on acquiring assets. Some of you would rather spend your money on building a house that you just sleep in, instead of spending on a house that would fetch you money in form of rent. All this because mwagala ku slayinga queen babawaane. And you are proud of this. Mbewunya.
Do we as Ugandans know the debt portfolio of our country? Wouldn’t you as a Ugandan want us to be in a better position to take care of our business as a country? Be self reliant enough to concentrate on the priority needs of us as a people instead of labouring merely to pay back debts after debts.
For example would you rather continue discussing
1. how we got the debts
2. Who got us to the debts
3. Who stole money?
4. Who misused the money
5. Whose responsibility it is to pay back these debts
1. Start on a solution to recover Uganda from the debts, suggest all ways to generate the money needed without putting the strain on just a few people i.e increasing the tax base, by this here trying to generate revenue from all luxurious activities like alcohol, gambling, smoking, social media, etc
2. Prosecuting all those that stole/steal, misuse our taxes and selling off their properties to fully recover what they stole from us.
3. Creating a platform for dialogue between we Ugandans and the ruling government through which a permanent solution can be achieved.


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