Rich Babe That Intentionally Infects Kampala Men with AIDS Exposed


The days of the secret antics of Infecting young Men in Kampala with HIV/ AIDs by a one City soupy Babe identified as Bridget Karatunga have come to an end after being exposed to the public.

According to sources, Bridget has been using her influence of having much money over time to manipulate young broke boys to sleep with not knowing that she has personal intentions of infecting them with the deadly incurable disease.

The recent victim who appears to be coming from the areas of Entebbe road has been the one to take the courageous of saving others who would have fallen into her devilish lustful intentions.

According to the Whats app conversation and Text messages that he leaked to the Internet, the two appear to have met around areas of Kajjansi on Entebbe road before proceeding to Entebbe town where they had a nice time in bed. The babe used lustful words to seduce the guy and from one of the messages she tells her how her p**** is in great argue of his d***.

exposed lady that infects kampala men with hiv aids
Text Conversation between Bridget and the Victim

“She uses only young boys because they can give in great sex, they cannot decide on the terms of doing s3x and above all, she uses them because they are poor. So when she tells them that all the expenses will be on her, no young boy can fail to pick up that golden chance.” The Victim Narrates.

He moved on to give a line of young boys he knows about that have slept with Karatunga Bridget and he thinks they also contracted the virus.

According to this heartless Babe’s defense, she says that she also got the virus from a man like them and so had to pass it on in form of revenge. To her, tit for tat is a fair game.


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