5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Car in Uganda


Car rental in Uganda is an impressive and considerably Budget friendly option for traveling through Uganda especially for independent travelers with personal interests like a safari vacation, business tour and a family trip. However, car hire in Uganda can become very expensive if you aren’t careful enough with the basics and tips or things to avoid when hiring a car for either self drive safaris or guided trips through the beautiful lands. Much recommended taking precaution of the extra charges and try avoiding them as much as possible. Make sure you pay what you were quoted in the price catalogue.

  1. One of the mistakes people do is taking up extra insurance
    Most car rental companies in Uganda provide comprehensive insurance for the car however some people want extra insurance to also keep their belongings and themselves at no risk. This is hefty expensive for you. It is commendable to first check from your insurance company whether your personal insurance can be carried onto your car rental travel. This makes one compensate for the extra insurance you are supposed to pay for your own safety. Most rental companies if not all extend their insurance only to their rental cars and if you prefer zero pay for risk or zero deductable, then this will be a little expensive for you.
  2. Avoid returning the rental car without fuel
    In most case car rental agencies Uganda provide cars to their customers with half or quarter a tank or a full fuel tank so that one can start his/her journey easily without first going to the fuel station. However, some customers return the car with no fuel or less fuel after their expedition in Uganda and this is violation on one of the common terms in the car rental agreement considering that violation comes a penalty of a paying a premium fine that is more costly than refueling the car.
  3. Minimize paying for extra services
    For instance, car rental companies in Uganda charge for extra baby seats and GPS and yet these can be acquired on a personal basis. So make sure when you need any of these facilities acquire them from your home country; buy a baby seat and also download or update Google maps on your smart phones which can act as a gps for your navigation on trip so that you can save the money meant for these extra services. However if you do not want to pack a lot, consider saving enough more for the extra services provided.
  4. Consider checking the car before your expedition
    Most recommended to do a thorough inspection of the car with main enfaces on looking for any damages that are physical and mechanical. Also go an extra mile and take photos of the car before driving it. This is done to avoid the car rental agency apportioning the blame for the damages that may have already been on the car even before driving it. Put in mind that any damage caused on the car when driving it the cost for amendments is on your bill.
  5. Avoid returning the rental car later than the date proposed
    There is always a premium fine on un-communicated late  car returns for travelers who return rental cars later than the due date which is usually because the rental car is a commercial car that any day not paid for is a loss and the car rental agency cannot hold on that. So you have to make sure or a point that you deliver the car to the car provider on time.


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