Opinion: Refuting the Human Rights Watch Report is a Clear Sign of Weed Smoking


Apologies to my brothers in the Rastafarian belief in Ethiopia and beyond, no offense.The Rwenzururu establishment woke up to a shock of its life on the 27th of November 2016. Scores murdered in cold blood in a single expedition!!! The Devils Hand Behind the Rwenzururu Omen continues.

It was a morning that the entire country will live to remember. Why remember it? It was a historical landmark.

The subsequent days after this landmark, were days of total mourning. Trauma to date still covers our people’s faces. What misnomer in the society!! We had all voices from all walks of life, some condemning and others justifying. We experienced the first King in History that was arrested, branded as a criminal, taken for questioning and later produced to court to face charges.

A total of 169 are still battling with charges in court with a few out on a temporary freedom measures called bail. At this point I can now confirm that it must be true that the Witchcraft in Rwenzururu seems to be too real. If not, this witchcraft seems to be feeding on something potent. Simply, it seems it smokes some weed.

The Rwenzururu hurdles are to do with trust. Anyone trustworthy will settle the puzzle.
Refuting the Human Rights watch report is a sign of weed smoking. This shows you the level of complexity of this matter. How on earth could people who claim to have gone to attend the White man’s education fail to comprehend some simple grammar? It is something once lost, can’t be regained.

I hope no one would ask me why the Rwenzururu people embrace the report save for the usual meal card defenders. That is what happens when your stomach overrides your mental capabilities. It is equally a sign of giving up in life.

They saw a a ray of hope that possibly wold restore some peace. They saw someone reaching out with a premise of a human face. They saw some promise to live again. It was a new beginning envisaged.

It will be entered in the world records if an opportunity is availed. An opportunity to have people regain hope and belief.

The only rational conclusion on would make, is that those unsubstantiated rebuttals of the report, are engineered by something hard to explain. It could be something potent that might have taken charge of some people’s faculties.

Give me a chance. Give me a break. I want to rebuild my Identity.

Sandy Apolo Randy
A humble subject of the Rwenzururu Establishment
The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Eagle Eye.


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