Kizza Besigye’s son, Anselm, Pictured Feeling White Girl’s boobs

Former FDC president Kizza Besigye’s son, Anselm Besigye is having the time of his life at Harvard University in United Kingdom. He has proved critics that he is a no joke as long as the ‘ladies’ matters are concerned, he is a ladies man.

Forget the earlier photos where he was snapped puffing off a smoke at a graduation party, he now goes bare knuckles in the literal meaning of the word. Flesh to flesh. Skin to skin. In a recent photo of him that has then become a debating matter on social media, he is seen enjoying the warmth of a bare breast of a white woman at a beach! Damn, that is no playing games!!

In the photo, the dread-locked Anselm is seen grabbing and feeling the boob of a white girl with his other female friend holding the other.

Sources revealed that the topless white girl seems to be Anselm’s campus mate.

Anselm is currently on a scholarship at the prestigious Harvard University no wonder he is enjoying himself like no tomorrow.


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