A Quick insight into Manchester United’s season


Yet another draw, and it’s been the story of our season. We’ve wasted so many chances to close the gap and we’re just not good enough. I showed you the table yesterday and at least for me it was clear that today’s match was importante but it seems people inside the club don’t think the same.

First, Mourinho benches Martial. Come on!!! He gave 2 assists the last match, Mou promised to play him if he had a god match but ir seems 2 assists are not good enough.
Second, the players or at least some just seem to be enjoying the money they earn.

Creating goal celebrations before they score goals? Who the hell does that? Oh, yeah! Pogba and Lingard do that kind of things… I don’t remember Keane, Scholes, Carrick, hell even Cleverly showing off a new haircut every week. First things first, do the job and then on vacations use your money on haircuts.

Maybe you’ll think that I’m too harsh on our lads but you have to love the club. I remember when Scholes injuried Rooney on purpose during a training session just because Rooney had asked to leave the club. It seems players are treated like princesses nowadays.

Zlatan, he can’t have a clean ball. He hits someone, his leg is too high and things like that, but at least he know he is there to set an example. He is talking with the young lads, he gives them advice but come on lad, you’ve not conquered England, we’ve won sh*t this season. People, we have to talk after we do the things.

It’s clear that now it’s gonna be even more difficult, even making the top four will be difficult. There are some Van Gaal things still in our players head; things like a lot of senseless high-balls, we need to pass the ball, we need to shot, we need to have class, we can’t excuse ourselves on hte opposite goalkeeper. We have Zlatan, Pogba, Mata, Mkhitaryan, Rooney, Rashford at least
one of those lads should’ve scored today.

We laugh at liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, city and yet we make the same mistakes. Lads, please stop the banter on other teams, first things first as I’ve said before, train, deliver, do the job and maybe at the end of the season we’ll get to laugh at other teams. Don’t spit up, and that is a life lesson.

Hopefully we’ll get better the coming matches (I’ve been saying that for such a long time…)
Just to make things clear, I don’t hate any of our players, I love they are in our club. The only thing I ask is for some professionalism, they are football players not pop stars.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente
Manchester United Diehard.


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