Kyalya to Contest for the Kyabazingaship Title


Former presidential candidate and controversial activist, Maureen Faith Kyalya Waluube says she is ready to take on the Kyabazingaship of Busoga days after the reigning Kyabazinga was appointed Ambassador for Special Duties in the President’s office.

Kyalya explains that she will be vying for the post given the fact that the Basoga constitution doesn’t stop women from vying for the top post.

Kyalya says that in a wake of preserving the values and Busoga tradition, Busoga needs a focused none partisan leader who will transform the people of Busoga.

In the a two paged statement titled “Contesting for Kyabazingaship: Time for Change” Kyalya states that as royals move to occupy unprecedented political terrains under the command of their subjects, it is a clear message that subjects too can move up and challenge the royals in their sits.

“I have not seen any provision that a woman can not be Kyabazinga in Busoga unless of course it will show up tomorrow. I am therefore legally going to contest the Kyabazingaship of Nadiope IV appointed ambassador of the sitting president of Uganda. Then I shall be contesting for the Kyabazingaship of Busoga.” the statement which The Rwenzori Times got a copy, reads in part.

“No doubt I am about to acquire the highest qualification in the world: Doctorate, so education is not an issue. I also have served as administrator for all 10 districts of Busoga on behalf of the same employer the President of Uganda. I know every single cultural, economic, political, traditional and social corner of Busoga. I am inherently spiritual therefore do not discriminate against anyone on grounds of heir reliogion and social beliefs.”

Adding that she is a traditional hereditary Princess and therefore eligible to contest. Her statement reads: “I am a traditional hereditary princess of Busambira; the only Chiefdom led by women and from Nhendha hill the only Busoga cultural hill led by Nhyenda the only goddess and mother of all humanity in Busoga. I call upon all the people of Busoga to support me because you know I can deliver.”

She concludes that, “I hope you understand that the only reason the Kyabazinga has always been a Royal and a man is because when the British came only royals went to school and until very recently women never went to school.”


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