Golola Moses Knocks Out Umar Semata in Kick Boxing Re-Match


Golola Moses has successfully claimed a Kick Boxing victory against Umaru Semata in a much anticipated fight that happened today evening (3rd August) at Freedom City, Namasuba.

Golola, from the Red Corner gave his side led by Promoter Abby Musinguzi a.k.a Abitex an evening to remember after knocking out his opponent Umar after the judges realised that he (Umar Semata) couldn’t continue to the next rounds.

The judges’ decision followed Semata contesting from the Yellow Corner picking up a knee injury after Golola’s powerful kick. His fan side was led by music Concert promoter Balaam Barugahire.

Golola moses expressed his gratitude toward his fans, organisers among others before revealing that he still has more fights to come.

However, Umar Semata disagreed with the judges decision as he felt that he was ‘cheated’. According to him, the judges’ decision of terminating the fight was done in favor of his opponent and requested for a rematch.

Balaam also sided him, requesting the organisers to hire much more experienced judges and referees in the 2nd rematch  that he promised to take place soon, come 2020.

It should be remembered that Umar Semata took the first victory from the meeting against Golola following Judges Anonymous decision after the five rounds of fight. 


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