Sex Harassment at Makerere University is Real


Makerere University Uganda’s premier first university and the first university in East Africa, is bedevilled by sex harassment of female students by lecturers. This vice came to an epitome in March this year when the vice Chancellor decided to set up a committee to investigate allegations surrounding the issue. The committee’s report is now out and is unequivocally confirming that lecturers sexually abuse students and far reaching recommendations including but not limited to expulsion of proven offenders were included.

The committee found out sexual harassment is at it peak during examinations and graduation time where lecturers demand for sex from female students or else they frustrate their graduation. Students more often than not find them selves between a hard surface and a rock thus succumbing to this inhuman treatment.

While receiving the report, professor Nawangwe acknowledged that “sexual harassment is a crime that affects many institutions in the world”. He committed the university’s administration to stamp out the vice. Last year 6 students at the college of business and management sciences were sexually harassed by a lecturer. These students testified to the committee. One doctor who under the influence of alcohol, locks up students and suggestively makes sexual advances to the students was pointed out.

The committee recommended review of the existing university policy with change of name to “Policy and Regulations Against Sexual Harassment.

Proposal to government to amend the education policy for pre primary, Primary, post primary act as well as that of tertiary institutions so that issues of sexual harassment are also included. The committee chairperson Sylivia Tamale vehemently objected to the assertion that skimpily dressed female students induce sexual harassment thus in its report, the committee declined to recommend a dress code.


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