Jack Pemba Finally Speaks out about the leaked Sex Tape


Since the CEO Pemba Sports leaked the now viral sex video of him with his side chic, Honey Suleman, he had gone into hiding. However, he has finally come out (not from the hiding) to say about the shameful act he did of releasing own private video.

City tycoon and businessman, Jack Pemba, has opened up on the ongoing social media backlash about a sex tape of him getting intimate with a 22-year-old Suleman Salama Honey saying he is not perfect.

The Tanzanian born East African business man says he has no reason as to why he would post his private tapes online. He asserts the video was leaked to the public by a third party as he (Pemba) has never intended of hurting any one.

“Everyone should know that I am not perfect neither are you. Due to some unknown reasons, and yet to be explained, those images were uploaded in internet by a third party, but I promise that I never intended to hurt anyone out there…. ”

Many have been calling him a Congolese but he also today decided to reveal his true nationality to his followers, saying he is was born and raised in the ‘Magufuli land’.

“Which is the reason why I have resolved to reveal my true identity to everyone, I am not Congolese but Tanzanian. I am married and I have grown up kids. I try to be as much responsible as possible,” he concluded.


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