Kyamutetera’s Interesting Peace Message To Besigye


Muhereza Kyamutetera, who was once a board member and the public relations director of Fireworks, but later quit to join Corporate Image Limited as the managing director, recently wrote a rather interesting message to opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

e shared this message on his Facebook timeline and it reads;

Dear Mr. Kizza Besigye- My name is Muhereza Kyamutetera. I have been your fan and 2-time voter. I share in your recent loss and I am under deep conviction that your victory this time round has been robbed from you.

Regardless of the loss, it is important to realize that there has been a 58.3% increment in the number of Ugandans who support your cause from 2,064,965 to 3,270,290 people. Mr Museveni on the other hand, despite all the obvious advantages, the voter buying and help from the state machinery, had his support grow by a mere 3.5% from 5,428,369 in 2011 to 5,617,503 in 2016. That tells me, that no matter how much stealing and the voter buying, Mr Museveni is on the wane and it is merely a question of when and not if.

Now, I do not support your message of defiance and civil unrest during this post election period. We honestly have our personal struggles to take care of- kids to pay school fees for, mouths to feed etc. My belief is that we must keep and build on every little gain we have made under Museveni. Defiance will further breakdown the economy, scare away investors, tourists and further deepen our debacle, to the extent that one day when you finally come into power, we shall have no choice but to turn against you as well.

In my view, you should now re-focus all your energies on voter recruitment. Every year, 1 million Ugandans turn 18 years; you need to create a message of hope and give them reason to join our cause. Besides, at 59 years, you have a 12 year age advantage over Mr Museveni- there is only a limit to how much stealing he can do!!! Eventually we shall overcome.

I know there are a lot of angry Ugandans out there, who understandably will shoot at me- I will accept the bullets in good faith.


Do you agree with Kyamutetera?


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